♥ Be your self ♥

♥ Be Your Self ♥

Selasa, 08 Februari 2011

Contoh Dialogue Bahasa Inggris 3

English Day Program
(Program Bahasa Inggris)

Speaker 1 : Hi, how do you do? I'm Joko
Speaker 2 : How do you do? My name is Shinta
Speaker 1 : It's nice  to meet you Shinta
Speaker 2 : Nice to meet you too. Thank you.
Speaker 1 : As new student, what do you think of studying here at SMA Bintang?
Speaker 2 : It's impressive. During MOS, I have done many activities. I like studying here. Everything is great!
Speaker 1 : I agree with you. I have experienced the same thing. What Impresses me more, is the disciplines of both students and teachers
Speaker 2 : Yes, its quite different compared to studying at junior high school last year. here I feel adulthood in thinking and behaving
Speaker 1 : Right. Studying at high school is the starting point when we prepare ourselves for the future
Speaker 2 : By the way, do you know that besides studying formal lessons and extra curriculum, we have English Day Program?
Speaker 1 : Yes, classmates tell me about it. will you explain it to me?
Speaker 2 : Local Authority, DKI Administration suggests that High School students in Jakarta should improve their skills in English communication
Speaker 1 : Well, its a good idea. so, what does English Day Program offer us to fulfil it?
Speaker 2 : It offers Topical English Conversation in the form of dialogue. it applies on fridays twice a month, or once in two weeks
Speaker 1 : Thats fantastic! I like it. will you be my partner to practise it on fridays?
Speaker 2 : By all means. Remember, practise makes perfect. I'm sure if we do it frequently, we'll be able to speak fluently

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